BJJ Uniforms

If there’s one thing the combination of free enterprise and the popularity of BJJ has combined to do, it’s given us more options in choosing our BJJ uniforms.

I remember the very first of my BJJ uniforms was one sold to me by GM Relson Gracie. It was a cheap judo gi. And while it was more than adequate as far as BJJ uniforms go, it was hard, you got overheated in it quickly, it was ill fitting, kinda brownish in color (aka “natural”), and a little itchy to wear at first. After washing it a number of times, it got whiter, and was comfortable when it broke in. As far as BJJ uniforms were, it was pretty typical. Oh, and it shrank a LOT!

Today, at the end of 2016, BJJ uniforms have made much progress in fit, design, materials, and look. Heck, you can even find BJJ uniforms made especially for women!

If there’s one thing you should do, it’s to buy more than one “gi,” as they are called. BJJ uniforms NEED TO BE WASHED immediately, after every use. For the amount of sweat they will absorb in one training session, gross stuff allowed to stay in the material will grow… and grow fast. Think about it, your BJJ uniform will not only absorb your sweat, it’ll absorb some of your opponents’ sweat, AND you’ll literally mop the mat with your gi. I hate to say it, but some academies have filthy mats (certainly not Kama Jiu-Jitsu), and who knows what is picked up from the mats. Ever see anyone run to the restroom from the mats and back without using some sort of footwear?

Yeah, you get the picture.

Having more than one uniform (I always have anywhere from 5-15 KJJ uniforms on hand at any given time) will make things easy to have a clean gi every time you step on the mat. This is especially true if you choose to hang dry your gis after washing them (I throw all of mine in the dryer). Me personally, if I’ll be rolling in two consecutive classes (group or private), I’ll have a fresh gi on hand for each session.

As I’m typing in between classes, I’ve already been in three sessions today. So, by the time I get home, I’ll be throwing three gis in the wash. After I wake up, I’ll throw them in the dryer before I leave to teach a morning private and later, the evening class (two more gis). That being the case, I need at least five (5) gis on hand, so that I can make the most of what little time I have on any given day.

Why would my students need so many BJJ uniforms? For one, it’s just cleaner and more hygienic. Second, no one coming onto the mat with a clean, dry gi wants to grapple with a person who is already sweaty and stinky from the previous session, right? I know we’re all gonna get sweaty eventually, but when being so physically close to your partner, it’s essential you be as IN-offensive as possible!

Which brand of BJJ uniform should I buy?

The brand of gi you buy is highly personal. I’ve owned most of the major brands over the years. Kama Jiu-Jitsu has chosen, as the BJJ uniform we offer our academy members, the On The Mat line of gis. “Scotty” Nelson, the founder of On The Mat, also has a “high-line” of BJJ uniforms he offers called Lucky Gi. In just about all my videos, you’ll find I’m usually wearing a Lucky Gi. We’ve found the fit, durability, and service of On The Mat and Lucky Gi to be the best in the business. They stand behind their product like no other, and have a HUGE selection to choose from. Yes, they even have women’s-cut BJJ uniforms (though they tend to be more expensive).

If you want to check out their products, go check them out at

You can also contact us here, and we can hook you up. Currently, all “generic” Kama Jiu-Jitsu BJJ uniforms are On The Mat’s cotton gis in white, but they do have blue and black as well, if you like colored gis.

Lastly, let me include a short video I made a while back on the correct way to tie your BJJ belt.

If you have any questions, let us know by emailing us at

[email protected]

Happy Training!


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